Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to edit the site myself? Is it easy to use?
If you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word then your training is nearly over. See how easy this is here.
Can I speak with someone before I purchase?
Of course. Everything you need is on our Contact page.
What am I actually buying?
A good-looking website ready for you to enter new content and the ongoing support to ensure your success. Your site will run WordPress — very popular open source software that has a huge development community behind it.
How much do you charge?
Our website service packages begin at $69/month. Each plan includes support to cover training, site building, and minor customizations like changing pictures. If heavy customization or programming is required, we will discuss that in advance and it will be charged separately. Your service subscription lasts for one year. After a year, you will be offered an option to switch to a “hosting only” plan, which costs less and offers less support. More about Pricing.
What about all those “free” websites?
Remember the spiel about no free lunch? Freebie website builders have a very limited set of functions to tease you with before asking you for a “premium” upgrade, or they are going to show ads on your site. For the true do-it-yourself zealot we have collected some free website builders.
Will you put ads on my site?
Not a chance.
Can I move my site later?
Yes, but you won’t have to. This is a common worry among those who have been burned before. When we build your website using popular mainstream tools like WordPress, you can edit it and enhance it yourself. Plus we are here to help you if you forget how.
Will you be there to support me after I make a purchase?
Now you’re talking like an informed buyer! We provide generous email-based support for your site. We also list our phone number for occasional direct help when the subject is too complex to relay by email.
Do template-based sites look cheap? and thousands of other professional-looking sites are styled using a template or “theme.” Very few websites are actually built from scratch. Those that are rarely have built-in content management software which is the foundation that gives you power to edit your own site. If you change the pictures and add your own unique content, you will have a nice-looking website.
What is the technology behind my new web site?
We will make a website for you built on the popular open source platform called WordPress. Used by millions of users worldwide, there is a huge developer community behind it who are constantly enhancing it.
Wait a minute… aren’t open source products free?
Yes, open source tools are released under a license that allows for free distribution — if you know how to use them. We don’t charge you for the products themselves. What you pay us for is expertise to help you choose a style, assemble your site, setup e-mail accounts, eliminate technical headaches, and provide ongoing support. We are also available to help you make connections to other professionals you might need like copywriters and SEO experts.
Why not use the free website from my hosting company?
If you want a few pages of fairly simple stuff, and you don’t mind being locked into their proprietary technology, that’s not a bad move. Many people find that the “easy to use” teaser is just that — a tease. Plus it rubs the shine off your professional image to have a hosting company logo stuck on your site.
Can I cancel my service and keep my website?
You can cancel any time. We charge a small transfer fee to package your site for installation elsewhere. If your account is less than 12 months old, the fee is $250. After a year, the fee is $100.
Why do I need a Linux hosting account?
We have an aversion to crashing. WordPress will run on Windows servers, but it is much more stable on Linux. We like things to be stable. It helps us sleep better. We think you will too.
What if I have a Windows hosting account?
You can do one of two things but both require that you buy a Linux hosting account. Option A is to use a different domain name (address) for the new Linux-based site and ignore the old domain name (leave it where it is).
Option B is to forward your existing domain name to the new Linux account. We can help you with this, of course, and if you want to understand the details before you buy, just drop us a note on our Contact page.

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